{Maria & Dominic}

Caterpillar . Balloons . Giggles

I, myself, do not have children and often forget how lively two young siblings can be. But when you couple them with an amazing and creative aunt, an exciting time together will happen!

We began the day at what I affectionately call “Horse Park” and to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what the real name actually is. If you happen to know it, please let me know, because it is a really neat place. I call it “Horse Park’ because, well, they have horses.



I learned that day that children are hard to corral but horses are even more difficult. So the horses didn’t have much of a big debut, but Dominic and Maria still had a good time. However, we did find some props that suited these two well.

Dominic 1 Maria 2


I’m pretty sure the day was packed with giggles, enough to last me a while. Or at least until we see each other again!

Dominic and Maria


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