Design + Event {50th Wedding Anniversary}

Golden . 50 . Together

About three months ago I was asked to be part of a top secret mission. My mom asked me to create a letter to go out to all of my grandparents friends and family. This letter asked them to send their favorite memories and well wishes to my mom so that they could be compiled at given to them for their 50th wedding anniversary. I jumped at this honor and this is the final product.

50th anniversary. portfolio

But it didn’t stop there. When the time came we packed up the suburban and headed to Michigan to unveil the big surprise and to see family. I was so excited to see their reactions and after reading most of the items that were sent I was in awe of how much they are loved and respected.

You must know that my grandmother is a crier- no worse than that- a weeper. But we love her sensitive heart, and I couldn’t have captured the two of them in a better way.

50th . 1

50th . 3 50th . 2

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

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