Pastor Spomer Retirement {event}

I had the joy to sit under the teaching of Pastor Spomer. He is full of wisdom and always desired to speak truth and love to his church.  So, when I was asked to photograph his retirement party I was more than honored.

Here are a few of the details:

Pastor Spomeredited086 Pastor Spomeredited005Pastor Spomeredited091 Pastor Spomeredited090Pastor Spomeredited081

People kept pouring in to celebrate Pastor Spomer. It was obvious the love and appreciation that each person had for pastor.

Pastor Spomeredited038 Pastor Spomeredited036 Pastor Spomeredited032

The luncheon and presentations began, but through the entire day joy and laughter was evident.

Pastor Spomeredited119 Pastor Spomeredited113 Pastor Spomeredited131 Pastor Spomeredited106

The presentation ended with the everyone singing with hand motions!

Pastor Spomeredited136

Did I mention that not only did friends and church members attended, but also family. And Pastor Spomer has a TON of family!

Pastor Spomeredited065

Pastor Spomeredited157


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