Jenny {Portrait}

Photography . Fields . Coffee

When I bought my first Nikon SLR I asked one of my close friends Jenny if she would go out and capture photos with me. Jenny, as a kind and confident photographer, graciously agreed and thanks to her I have continued to learn a ton from her. She has been there to encourage and celebrate. So when she agreed to have a date with me so that we could take each others headshots I was more than excited.

Say hello to my little friend (no seriously, she is wonderfully petite)!


I mentioned she was a photographer, but she also creates some pretty awesome graphics. Need a creative fix? Check out some of her work.

We heard of a nice little field that we were itching to check out and sure enough the location bode a beautiful background.

Jennyedited19 Jennyedited14

Then we headed over to a The Wolf Public House . This place is a happening place, plus they have excellent food. If your looking for a good date date, gentlemen, take your lady here!

Jennyedited53 Jennyedited40

Thank you Jenny for your expertise and friendship.

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