Glorious Apples, er, Peaches

I had planned a grand event- well at least in my head. My fiance, J, and I would get up early and head over to Illinois to pick the first fruits of the apple season. We arrive to a beautiful morning and walked up to get on the tractor to head to the apple orchard only to be quickly reprimanded in my lack of orchard knowledge… it wasn’t apple season yet.

However, it was the end peach season, and the Gloria Peaches had just ripened and happened to make their Eckerts debut this season. So despite my lack of deep adoration for peaches we headed out on the tractor.

If I could suggest anything for pick-it-yourself-ing, I would suggest to go early. There were hardly anyone there and it was wonderfully crisp.

Peachesedited002 Peachesedited003

I got to try my first Gloria peach and the only way I could describe it would be to say if an apple and a peach made love and had a baby it would be a Gloria peach. It was firm but incredibly sweet.


What suggestions would you give to someone planning on apple picking (besides checking the ripening schedule on the website- oh silly Sarah Marie)?Peachesedited009

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