Jessie {Portrait}

Forest Park . Waterfalls . Smoothies

When I began dating J, I had no idea that I would be gaining a new set of friends. One friend in particular is able to tell you straight up what she thinks in a way that you want to be her best friend forever. Let me introduce you to Jessie:


Jessie is a great mixture of sassy and sweet. She is a Cardinal loving, traveling encourager lady who is working on her BSN. I admire her deep love for her city and that she spend a wonderful afternoon embracing Forest Park with me.


We went all over Forest Park : Muny, Visitor Center, Jewel Box, etc.

Jessie002 Jessie041 Jessie035 Jessie008

Besides capturing Jessie’s beauty we also caught abit of her playfulness! We topped the day with a trip to Smoothie King! I’m not sure you could plan a better photoshoot!


Have a fun-filled day!

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