A Headstart {Personal}

As a newer photographer there is so much fear and apprehension in putting out a creative skill. Thoughts like “Will people like my work?” or “Can I even do this?” is constantly cycling through my head. However, when you see that amazing shot of the glowing bride or the sweetest smile from a newborn you know that you were made to do this.

And those moments are what keep you going. Keep you putting yourself out there, completely vulnerable. I believe you also learn humility, as you know that there are potentially better photographers out there. Occasionally, you get the honor and privilege to learn from one. A close friend of mine has been a fountain of knowledge and has patiently taught me about my camera, lenses and locations.

This friend and I got together recently and had a great idea to take each others headshots. As a photographer, we know the importance of a great headshot! It brings a face to a name and also helps identify when meeting a client for the first time. A couple of weeks ago I posted the photos that I took of my friend, Jenny.

And she has graciously allowed me to share the ones she took of me! Enjoy! (Just to reiterate, all photos used for this post were taken by Jenny Gravatt | Photography and Design)

Sarah14 Sarah08 Sarah04Sarah43 Sarah39



Jenny is an amazing photographer (and graphic designer) and to see more of her work feel free to view her website!

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