Jessica & Andrew {Engaged}

Winery . Fall . Adoration

The look. You know that look a man gives the woman he absolutely adores. It usually consist of soft eyes and a glimmer of a smile. And you know at that moment that there is no one that compares to that woman according to that man.

That look was all you could see on Andrew’s face when he was next to his fiance, Jessica. You may remember Jessica from this event . She looked lovely then and even lovelier here.

Jessica & Andrew Engaged023










The weather was perfect to spend some time in the vineyard and the people at Chandler Hill Vineyards treated us so well!

Jessica & Andrew Engaged007 Jessica & Andrew Engaged053










And can we talk about her ring for a second? Gorgeous!

Jessica & Andrew Engaged022










If you were hoping for a few final looks of adoration, well here you go!

Jessica & Andrew Engaged066 Jessica & Andrew Engaged017










A final fruit of the day:

Jessica & Andrew Engaged103

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