The Scanlan {Wedding}

Friends, this is the marathon, and not a race. So stick with me and enjoy some of the most lovely photos SSMP has taken!

Black and White Wedding015

Now we met Jessica at her cousins wedding. Do you remember her? Here she is…

DSC_0256 2

Well shortly after this wedding she contacted us to photograph her wedding! And we had such a great time!

Scanlan Wedding 0046

She radiated joy even while getting her hair done. What a beauty!

Scanlan Wedding 0144

And then how could she not be happy when this is the man that was waiting for her at the end of the aisle. And he was so excited see his bride!

Scanlan Wedding 0161

Andrew and Jessica picked out the finest people to stand beside them.

Scanlan Wedding 0207


Scanlan Wedding 0242

And now on to the party!

Scanlan Wedding 0431

Please tell me that you can see the bridesmaids cover the flower girls eyes! Priceless.

Here are a few final ones to make your day brighter.

Scanlan Wedding 0057

Scanlan Wedding 0348



Scanlan Wedding 0300

Black and White Wedding031

Congrats, Mr and Mrs Scanlan. Best to your marriage!

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