Sweet Midwest : Chicago {Personal}

Being a military child, or affectionately – military brat, I’ve lived in a few locations. However, I have lived in St. Louis the longest and chose to marry the love of my life, who has only known living in St. Louis. So as newlyweds, we have decided to explore fun cities in the midwest – the first being Chicago. I would highly suggest having a tour guide in the city you are going to – or in this case we had two and they were really great friends of ours. (More about them on the next post)

I could call the theme of the trip: Eat and Walk.

So here are some of the best ‘eats’ of the trip:

  • Bang, Bang, Pie – Seriously guys, everything is made from scratch and has the coolest vibe like ever. Think hipster meets farm fresh meets Top Chef.
  • Molly’s Cupcakes– Ummmm… Cake batter cupcake with actual cake batter filling topped with sprinkles. Two words: SO GOOD.
  • Stan’s Donuts– The donuts are fabulous and they have a wall of gorgeously colored Kitchen Aid stand mixers.

Please enjoy these tasty photos all taken by my Iphone



Now to the walking part. Chicago is a town of mass transit and mass walking. But our favorite park we visited was Lincoln Park. And how could you not with views like this!

Chicago 017


We spent some time in Millenium Park too. And were officially “bean’d” !


Some other attractions we would highly recommend:

  • A tour of Wrigley Field
  • Going to Ikea (love those Sweedes)
  • Oh, and just relaxing and enjoying the sun.

A few more for your enjoyment!

Chicago 013



That’s right folks! We put a pin in our first married trip. What are your favorite places in Chicago?



One thought on “Sweet Midwest : Chicago {Personal}

  1. Laura says:

    Our favorites are Shedd’s, the Natural History Museum and of course the Lego store at Water Tower Place. Also, stop for a drink at the top of the John Hancock–no cost to go to the top if you are going to the restaurant/lounge–spectacular view. Last year, we discovered the Blue Line commuter train. We could park for free in Michigan City and two hours later we were at Millennium Park.

    Add Kalamazoo to your Midwest tour and we’ll be your guides–Free bed and breakfast included.

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