Happy 250th St. Louis {Personal}

So I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was a military kid and at times finding a place called “home” was difficult. Well, St. Louis has become my home and she is turning 250 years old! There have been a ton of celebrations around this momentous event, including one of my favorite “The Cakeway to the West” which consists of 250 fiberglass cakes in a ton of different locations around St. Louis.

This birthday celebration also led to a little photography competition. Last year I entered a photo into the competition, and come to find out I made the top 250! This was the first competition I have ever entered a photo and was hesitant to even tell anyone. But here it is in print:


Did you see it? Middle column on the bottom, “Sarah Marie Long”. And are you curious to see what I entered? I wish I had some cool title like “Boy in Glorious Fountains”, but I don’t. It just reminds me of St. Louis summers. You know, the laughter of children and the scorching St. Louis heat. That’s it.


If you want to see some amazing photos head over to the Sheldon and visit the ‘St. Louis at 250’ exhibit. Happy Birthday St. Louis! I wish you 250 more!

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