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Oh you know those feelings or that time where if you stared at your screen mindlessly for one more moment you were going to scream.

In those moments I go straight to my favorite blogs. I will shamefully  proudly admit that I religiously stalk read blogs. At first it was for inspiration or a cute diy, but now (because I read so consistently) they are like my friends. Yes, that sounds absolutely ludicrous that you can have ‘friends’ that you have never even spoken to, but because they are transparent I have grown to really appreciate them. But before you commit me, let me share with you a few of my favorites and why they are pretty cool.

  • Ashley Ann Photography – This girl can wield a camera. And shares tips on how she incorporates her “big camera” aka her dslr and her iphone into her daily life of mommying 5 kids. She may be my mommy hero. I don’t know how she finds the hours in her day to be so phenomenal and real to her readers. She shares her victories and messes. I want to be that transparent. While I may not have the same style as she does, I still love all of her creations and decor.
  • Young House Love – No, I do not own a house. Yes, I have zero ability to use a power tool. No, I do not have the spatial abilities to move furniture around freely. However, this blog is spectacularly written, and they listen to their readers so well that I can’t stop (won’t stop) reading. This husband/wife pair are also hilarious! Not to mention they have super awesome giveaways. When I do have a house to myself, I hope to take everything they have ever said and “make it rain” home improvement.
  • Cupcakes and Cashmere –  Fashionable. Now that is one word I wish I could describe myself with. I’m not knowledgeable in all things runway, but I do appreciate the beauty in learning more about it. One thing I appreciate about this blog is that she is great at variety and creating segments to post about. One of my favorite series of posts that she puts up is “Links I Love” and “5 Things”. She is savvy about using the inter-webs and sees the beauty in the little things.
  • A Beautiful Mess – Once again, this blog may not fit into what I would consider my style, but they portray a little business that is just a hang out of friends. This group of friends has somehow meshed into more of a family. It is really cool how a group of people who have the same vision and similar style can connect. ABM is great for foodies and lovers of all vintage. So if you consider yourself one or the other, but especially both, then this is your blog.
  • Jeremy Cowart – I started with a photography (ish) blog for this post and thought I would end on one as well. Jeremy isn’t a typical photographer that pops up every week, this man is an artist. Yes, he works with famous clients (cough – Hayden Panettiere – cough) but he also has a heart for the broken, hurting and unnoticed. I want to strive to take my photography to new levels of artistry and humanitarian need.

So, now you know where I go to get inspiration. Where do you go? What blogs are your favorite?

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