But What Do I Wear?

So you just booked a photo session and then it hits you, “oh my word, what am I going to wear?” I mean that is what I ask myself each morning!

Van Marel

First of all, congrats on booking a session. Secondly, let me put you at ease about what to wear. Here are some tips and tricks to help you pick out those beautifully coordinating outfits.

1. Be comfortable! I cannot express this enough. I want you to find the cutest stilettos for your session, however, I assure you that you can see pain on your face if they are not broke in. Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that makes you feel like a new woman (or man)? Then wear those!

2. Make sure your clothes are a good fit. We all have that little dress that is just a bit too tight, your photo session is not the time to don it.

3. Matchy Matchy has never been cute, but coordinating – is oh so wonderful. So please, don’t put everyone in a white shirt and jeans. But do pick a warm or cool palette and pick a couple other colors as accents.

4. Accessorize! Bring those scarfs, necklaces and fun shoes. You can always take them off to give you a whole new look.

5. Mother nature doesn’t always play nice. It could rain or be super cold or be sweltering – and in St. Louis, it could happen all in one day. So dress in layers. A cute jacket can make an outfit and also keep you from shivering.

In case you are a visual person, I have created a family photo session pinterest board. I’m updating it often so follow it!

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