The Maxfield {Family}

I am amazed at how mother nature has blessed St. Louis this summer. Yes, we may have had a couple days in the high 90’s but it beats the 100+ day after day heat plus humidity. So this means we have had a ton of fun photo sessions outdoors this summer. And one of the best nights we had was with The Maxfields.

The Maxfield Family 010

And that night was filled with beautiful light, and I’m not just talking about the lovely Sarah.

The Maxfield Family 001

The Maxfield Family 038

Now, isn’t that little guy cute? I’m pretty sure he melted my heart.

The Maxfield Family 039

Both of the little men are heartbreakers, and I think their dad may claim they got their looks from him.

The Maxfield Family 051

Thanks Maxfields for sharing some lovely St. Louis weather with us!

The Maxfield Family 006

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