My Story : Brave and Beautiful {Personal}

Sarah43I’ve always been a creative soul. I was that girl who was so proud of her ceramic creation (I’m pretty sure it was a toucan bird) that was displayed proudly in our family’s sun room. My mom believed I would be some type of artist, however I’m pretty sure she wanted me to discover a different career so that I wouldn’t fit the stereotype of “starving artist”.

Then I made it to college.

My dad bought me my first camera – yes it was a kodak point and shoot- and no, I had no idea that there were better cameras out there. I just knew that I had to take photos. I had my first photo session and my roommate graciously agreed to be my model.

Do you want to see a photo from that session? Please be gracious.

blog. first photoshoot


I can point out so many things wrong with this photo, but the beautiful theme in this photo is bravery. Bravery to begin something new. Bravery to just try. Perhaps fail, but try nonetheless.

Then, I found an idol. You know that person who is a full-time photographer that produces awe-inspiring photos time and time again. Thankfully, she also worked at my university before she went full time and I got to see her brave steps.

I graduated from college with a non artistic degree and went into my full time job. One day while searching the interwebs I found out a friend of my was selling his DSLR and I scrounged up every dime I had and bought it. That lovely Nikon-D50 was the real start to making the future a reality. I took photos of everything. If someone was willing to pose, I was willing to photograph them.

Finally, the man of my dreams found me. Want to know how I knew he was the man of my dreams? He had a better camera then I did. Ok, that’s not why he was the man of my dreams, but it was nice having a common hobby. That man encouraged me more than any other man (besides my father) has. He encouraged me to follow my passions. Being so invested into photography is mostly due to him. And I love him for that.

So there is little left of the rest of the story (so far), we have upgraded cameras (no more little Nikon-D50), met some of the kindest people, and had fun sharing the beauty around us!

So I encourage you- Be Brave! If you have been contemplating something courageous and out of your comfort level- Do It! But most importantly – Find Beauty!


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