Photo Props for Children {Photo Tips}

You know the fear. The look of a mom as she ponders, “what on earth am I going to bring to entertain my two kids under two?” The same thought goes through most of the clients I work with, so you are not alone. Children are the most wonderfully unpredictable ones to work with, however, they also make the cutest photos!

Photo Props

So to put you mommas and poppas at ease, here is a little list of some of the best props to bring to an outdoor family or child session:

  • The one item that puts your child at ease. This could be a baby blanket, pacifier or stuffed animal. If you don’t want the item in the photo there are sneaky ways to hide it, however it will allow your child to feel safe/at ease in a potentially new location.
  • A blanket. This is one of the most under thought of item. If you have a blanket that means something to you, like a great grandmothers quilt (that could get a little dirty) please bring it. If sentimentality is not your thing, then pick one that coordinates or is a neutral to your outfits.
  • Bubbles. What child or adult does not love bubbles. And you know what else loves bubbles, cameras. Well not when then land on the camera, but bubbles are fun to capture in a photo!
  • Fun balloons. These helium filled friends always make a photo session a bit more whimsical. Whether you go with the newer trend of one huge balloon or get a bunch in various colors. It always makes things a bit more fun.
  • Play items. This encompasses a variety of items like: balls, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. Kids and parents take much more natural photos when they are in their element. And you can take this in so many directions. Bring out a fun old toy that you played with as a kid – Lincoln Logs anyone?siebert-collins-family-114
  • Sentimental books. Reading to your child is something you do everyday. This may not be scientific but I’m pretty sure reading to your wee one releases happy endorphins which makes a photo 1000% better. Ok, this is definitely not scientific but a mom/dad and child interacting over a book is super precious.

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Do you have other suggestions? Please share them in the comment section!

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