Olivia + The Level {Family}

I’ve known this Bekah since we were in college together. I’m not sure they could make her any sweeter. I saw her marry the love of her life and now she is a momma.

Olivia Level 055

It was obvious the two pretty people above would create a pretty little person, but I didn’t expect her to be this beautiful. Isn’t she lovely?

Olivia Level 009

Olivia Level 002

Little Olivia was showered with beautiful headbands the entire photo session, and let’s just say- I didn’t mind one bit. I have a huge affinity for cute little lady head bands.

Olivia Level 022


The Levels aren’t just pretty on the outside. They are kind and welcoming. They smile and laugh all of the time. Overall, they are full of joy- for life, others and most of all family.

Olivia Level 127

And for kicks and grins- How would you caption this final photo?

Olivia Level 142


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