Headshots {Photo Tips}

Sometimes I feel like lady bedazzled version of Batman, Career Professional by day and Photographer by night.  If you really analyze the analogy it kind of breaks down, but you get what I mean.

Being in the career field, and especially loving the social media aspect of a personal brand, I cannot stress the importance of a great headshot


Here are some tips to prepare for your headshots:

  1. Know your brand. If you are a business professional (or a business student) dress like it for your session. If you lean towards a creative profession, then express your brand that way. Either way the photo has to reflect who you and where you see your future.
  2. This should go without saying, but look put together. Make sure your clothes fit you well (not too baggy or tight) and men clean up that facial hair. That five o’clock shadow may attract the ladies, but not always an employer.
  3. Know where you will use the photos. Have a plan on how you will use the photos and it will help your photographer get the right proportions and have the appropriate background.
  4. Smile. Yes, getting photos taken can be a bit nerve-wracking. But for the love of all thing wonderful, smile. Get some photos where you look a bit serious, but the best photos are those when you feel (and then look) comfortable with who you are.
  5. Get a headshot consistently. As much as a person might claim that their appearance doesn’t change, they are wrong. Hair styles and fashion changes, and so I recommend getting a new headshot about once every two years.

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