After College – What They Didn’t Tell You {Personal}


I consider myself in the mid 20’s range (a lovely 26) and there were some parts of getting older that I did not expect – can I get an Amen? Here is a list of those:

  1. The year after college is hard. I’m not sure if college really prepares you for the tumultuous situation that is thrown at you right after you step off that graduation stage. It is as if your whole world is now tipped on it’s head. There is no “next step” -that is education. It is now on you to choose a job- and when I say choose, I actually mean send 10,000 applications to a bagillion companies. If you chose a different route than higher education, I would love to hear about your transition.
  2. Everyone’s timeline is not the same. I figured life would lovingly throw my way an apartment, boyfriend- that would eventually turn into husband, a boasting career, then a house and kids….. these are lies. Don’t fall into the trap that you must accomplish the same things that your peers are doing. Yes, sometimes this is a logical progression, but there is a path for your life and it doesn’t have to look like your besties’.
  3. Money. Student loans are real, and those loan officers will get their money! But even more than college debt, now is the time to view money differently. There is now a future perspective- and more than the new fall boots that you are itching to buy next month. It is now time to get excited for investing in your retirement. It sounds super lame, and believe me I was one of those who said “But I CANNOT survive by putting the extra $100 away per month”. However, you can, and you should! I now nerdily get excited when I see how much my retirement grows each year.
  4. Ride or Die Friends. First of all, who made up that ridiculous phrase? I guess it is no better than True Blue Friends. I digress… I encourage you to get rid of the friends that always surround themselves with drama and hold tight to the ones that are always there. You know- the one who was there when your grandma died or you didn’t get the job you wanted or when your no good boyfriend broke up with you. Those friends are the real thing and treat them that way. No you won’t see them every waking hour like you did in high school/college but your relationship will transition beautifully.
  5. Those late nights will catch up! I’m not saying that you must be in bed by 9 p.m. every night. However, going to work is a real thing. And if you desire to be employed, you have to go to work. But if you think your new found freedom will allow you to be out to 2 a.m. and to work by 8 a.m., well let me know how that works out for you. Taking care of your body and especially sleeping -however many hours your body needs- is key for success in your new adult life. And by all means, please indulge in a super late night once in a while- it makes you feel young (well, sort of)!


What areas surprised you about becoming an adult? Or if you are still in high school/college what questions do you have for those  mature (ahem- 20/30’s) folks?

2 thoughts on “After College – What They Didn’t Tell You {Personal}

  1. Kelsey Mac says:

    Oh, Sarah. These are things I definitely needed to hear! We should chat sometime because I know as I think through these things I will have questions. 🙂

    Thanks for being awesome.

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