Brew in the Lou {Event}

Giving children a quality education is what Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) is all about, and their second annual Brew in the Lou event is helping do just that! After helping make some of the decisions for their first event, I knew that I wanted to invest in their second, and so we became the Official Event Photographer.
This event was full of wine, brews, food and people! I am so excited that this years event quadrupled their inaugural event. So without further ado here is the Second Annual Brew in the Lou!
Brew in the Lou . 2014 128Brew in the Lou . 2014 002Brew in the Lou . 2014 118Brew in the Lou . 2014 012Brew in the Lou . 2014 093Brew in the Lou . 2014 095Brew in the Lou . 2014 069
To learn more about LESA and all of their incredible work check out their website and get involved!

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