The Mattson {Family}

Once you have lived in St. Louis for more than say a day you understand that the weather is incredibly unpredictable. The temperature can change by 30 degree in one day. And we got to enjoy something lovely due to mother nature. Cue the snow-
Mattson Family 001
These twins are so sweet to each other and can coordinate to boot! I will let the twins and snow dazzle you.
Mattson Family 039
Mattson Family 006
This was one of my first snowy photoshoots and I hope I get a million more. The light, the movement, the pureness. I cannot get enough. Mattson Family, I am so glad that you were willing to get a little snowy for the sake of an amazing photo!
Mattson Family 028
Mattson Family 025
One more gem.
Mattson Family 079
What is your favorite snowy activity? And yes, indoor hot cocoa is an acceptable answer!

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