The Art of Traditions {Personal}


Tradition! {yes, insert Tevye from The Fiddler on the Roof here}

As a newly married lady, I have been wracking my brain for traditions to start between my husband and I – and our families. I come from a military family and so our holidays are necessarily following the appropriate calendar days. However, my husband’s family is very serious about their holidays, which is something I secretly appreciate.

Traditions we have started:
-Halloween: We both aren’t big fans of this one, so we decided to go see a kids movie at the movie theaters to celebrate and bring some fun into the ‘scary’ holiday.
-Thanksgiving: We always go to J’s parents house. But the beautiful tradition lies in the wonderful tablecloth that is laid out each year. Every year those who are at the dinner sign the tablecloth. They have names of those who have passed on and those who did not make the cut (ahem- I’m talking about J’s ex-girlfriend 🙂 ). And this year I got to sign my name as Sarah Gibbs, which is exciting.
-Christmas Lights: Each year we pick another couple to go on a wacky drive. We pick an area to drive through and then choose our favorite beautifully lit house. After the difficult choice is made we leave a card and a store bought container of cookies.
-Christmas Trip: My dad lives in Virginia and so each year we take the trek out that way. Each time there is a new story and every time we travel we hit up the faithful- Cracker Barrel.
-Yearbooks: No, not those horrible ones you got in school. Each year we put together all of the photos we took and create a photobook.

Traditions we want to start:
-Mothers Day Brunch: We live in an apartment and having a holiday like Christmas for the family isn’t a reality. However, taking on a smaller holiday like Mothers Day could be a great way to get our feet wet with planning family get-togethers.
-Christmas Tree Shopping: I love fresh trees, however, as you can tell from above a large tree may not be the best option for our apartment- so we are still in debate if we will get a real tree for our first Christmas or when we are in our first home.

What are traditions that are celebrated in your home?

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