Top Five Moments of 2014 {Personal}

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My top five moments as a photographer in 2014:

  1. A wedding with 8 bridesmaids! I loved every moment with these ladies (and the 10 groomsmen/ushers) and was so excited to see each of the girls make the brides day so much livelier!
  2. Capturing church events like The Easter Egg Hunt and Baby Showers.
  3. Wonderful mini-sessions. There is something about fast exciting sessions that put a pep in your step!
  4. All of the babies. I am excited to see the wee ones grow and (hopefully) continue to take photos of them!
  5. Chalk it up to sentimentality- but I loved meeting so many fun and interesting people! I know this is not a specific moment, but I cannot get over the friendships that have formed from this adventure.

My personal top five moments in 2014:

  1. I got married! Chicka what! But seriously, it is wonderful to find that person who you will be with for your entire life. And he is pretty good and wielding a camera too!
  2. Becoming a city resident. I’ve always been told that the city was scary, perhaps they meant that it is so awesome it is frightening. I love the access to great restaurants, free museums and great concerts.
  3. Owning a small business. We made the business official this year. It was such a huge step full of fear and apprehension. Not because it was the wrong decision, but because it was a new area to discover.
  4. Traveling to beautiful places like Gatlinburg, Chicago, Branson, and DC. Wonderful friends and memories!
  5. Finally feeling confident in my full-time position. As I gracefully go through my 20’s it is incredible how my confidence grows as I age. It is pretty wonderful to see glimpses into who I am and want to be.

What are your top five moments of 2014?

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