The Shippy {Family}

I adore surprises. Everything about them – well not everything- I can’t stand it when someone tells you that they have a surprise for you but then tells you that you have to wait for it. I’m a patient person, but not when it comes to surprises.

However, The Shippy Family wanted to surprise their parents with a sweet photo for Christmas, and so (to not ruin the surprise) I’ve been waiting to post these lovely photos!

Warning: You are about to see a ridiculously good looking couple. But much more than their outward loveliness, these two are one of kindest couples we know. They have a heart for service and hospitality. Which are two things that J and I adore.

Shippy Family 006

Shippy Family 040

Shippy Family 025
I mean what guy could resist and vintage red pick up truck!
Shippy Family 030

We wish you two the best in your future adventures!