5 Tips to Prepare for a Family Photo Session {Tips}



  • Plan ‘fairly coordinated’ outfits for your entire family at least two days in advance.
    Often times when planning outfits, we plan out what everyone will wear in our heads. However, these thoughts may not include facts like your two-year old no longer fits in that pair of pants or you got a rip in your favorite cardigan the last time you wore it. We recommend laying out all of the outfits and trying them on before the day of the session. Check out these ideas for ‘fairly coordinated’ outfits.
  •  Weather doesn’t always play nice.
    But a well-planned photographer and family can make bad weather into something beautiful. Cloudy weather can lead to rain, but it can also change into a gorgeous sunset. Snowflakes can be treacherous to drive in, but magical to photograph in. So be willing to be flexible and you may end up with a unique session.


  • Give yourself plenty of time.
    There is always a last-minute minor emergency, whether you are corralling a husband or 4 kids. Anything from cleaning up a diaper explosion to finding your hidden car keys, having at least a 30 minute buffer will allow any situation to be fixed.
  • Bring props that mean something to your family.
    Is that heirloom quilt hanging up in your living room? Now is the time to delicately bring it down and use it! Does your family all come around to watch The Colts on Sunday? Then have some type of clothing for everyone and put it on for a photo or two. This session should represent your family. Yes, your photographer will get that incredible staged family photo, but the un-staged ones might end up being your favorites.

Mattson Extended Family -131

  • Don’t plan on perfect, but do plan on priceless.
    If your expectations are to have every shot come out like a planned Pinterest photo then your expectations will be unmet with any photographer. Your family is not the one in the Pinterest photo. Your child might have a meltdown in the middle of the session, but that is life. And your family with their beauty and flaws are priceless. That is what you should plan on, a priceless moment captured for you to remember years down the road.