Coco + Zack {Engaged}

It has been said that opposites attract. This phrase is particularly true when J and I approach business. I typically come from a mind-set that the photos will speak for themselves, and J loves to promote to all he can. Listening to him is super embarrassing endearing, and often times beneficial. If J would not have taken his approach we would have never met Coco and Zack!

J was waiting for an oil change and decided to go check out some local businesses. He happened to walk in to Apple Tree Custom Sewing and struck a conversation with the owner. And in a typical J move, he brought up photography and found out the owner’s son just got engaged. The next day, I had a phone call from Coco’s wedding planner.

After meeting Coco and Zack, we found out that they are opposites as well, and they complement each other so beautifully!
Coco and Zack Engaged 052
We had the perfect weekend for engagement photos! But that is not the only thing that was perfect- Jager, Coco and Zack’s pup, was perfectly behaved. We didn’t even have to pull out a treat!
Coco and Zack Engaged 005
Did you just gush at that sweet little soon-to-be family? Because I did!
Coco and Zack Engaged 063
Coco and Zack Engaged 031
Coco and Zack Engaged 079
Zack, you take smizing to a whole new level!