LESA Auction {Event}

“It’s all for the kids” is a phrase that can often be heard spoken around the Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) office. This phrase isn’t just said, but lived out by each one of those who work at LESA along with those who support their cause.

LESA is an organization we have come to love, as seen by how much we enjoy photographing their worthwhile events, like Brew in the Lou 2014 and 2013.

But really it is all for the kids. Kids like these:
LESA Auction 033

This years event honored Dr. Eugene Lehr and was emceed by Mark Reardon, a KMOX radio host.
LESA Auction 039
LESA Auction 050
Tori Stuart, the 2015 Heritage Award Recipient, inspired us all as she was honored for starting a volleyball camp for children with disabilities.
LESA Auction 056
Thank you Dr. Lehr for your contribution to the community, and thank you for all of those who support Lutheran Education.
LESA Auction 072