Inspiration for my fellow photographers…. {Photo Tips}

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Dear Incredible Photographers,

You know those mornings when you wake up and wonder, “What am I going to do to make my business better, because I’ve done everything that I can think of?” Yes, I totally get that level of temporary desperation and frustration. Typically, that feeling subsides when you get that next fabulous idea for a session or meet an energetic client (Yes, clients, you can make our day 10,000 times better). But there are times when you just need that one thought to spark a phenomenal day of business.

Here are a list of resources I go to regularly (and when I’m having a day of doubt):

The fabulous Jasmine Star: She blogs regularly about questions that other photographers are struggling through. She always views the situation positively, to the point you feel like you are a better person just by reading her pleasantly constructive words. And she is real about the roller coaster of emotions that photographers go through. Thanks, girl, for tell it how it is.
The Sprouting Photographer: Confession- I listen to TSP podcast almost everyday. As someone who is new-ish to the photography business, I feel like I am a sponge just taking in everything that is sent my way. It is important that I have a good filter on my sponge as I discern what I can and cannot do. But being knowledgeable about business is so important. Yes, be creative. Shoot what you love. Be inspired by what is around you. But find smart ways to make it a business. TSP not only has diverse podcast but also puts out articles that are applicable!
The Lawtog : Rachel Brenke blows my mind on all of the legal side of photography and owning your own business. I’m quite positive I don’t have a legal bone in my body, so it is refreshing to read her patient words as she breaks it down for people like me. As business owners, you need to protect all of your hard work!
The Phoblographer : Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, then, this blog is super spicy. I’m not the best on staying on the cutting edge of camera technology (I like my Nikon space, it is safe place) but get the itch to learn more when Phoblographer does a review of a new camera or video component. This blog also has posts on everything from posing to up and coming photographers.

What blogs or sites do you visit to grab business and/or photography inspiration?