Mothers Day Brunch {Personal}

When J and I got married we talked about having one holiday to have as “ours”. J’s family loves celebrating occasions and so J and I picked a holiday that was special to us- we chose to celebrate our Mothers and “take” Mothers Day. Our only goal was to make our Moms and Grandmothers feel special.
Mothers Day Brunch -30
Our Mothers Day Brunch consisted of stories, laughs and a hecka good egg casserole.
Mothers Day Brunch -1
Mothers Day Brunch -8
Our Mothers and Grandmothers mean more to us than words can express. They sacrificially gave their time, love and support. Persevered during our terrible twos and threes. Prayed for us during our teenage years. And have lovingly adopted us as a their own child through marriage.

My Mother is the strongest woman I know. She pushed through some super rocky years and kept our family together. She lights up a room with her laugh. And she loves a well planned spontaneous adventure. Thank you Mommacita for loving me during the beautiful times, and the not so beautiful times.
Mothers Day Brunch -29