How to pick a Photographer? {Photo Tips}

(Photo Credit: W Photo and Design)

I often get the question, “Who takes your photos?” And sometimes I want to respond, “What, you don’t think I can do that pose as a selfie?” But after I pushed away my sarcastic nature and really pondered about the question, I realized the validity of it. As a client, I have a pretty high expectations, as all clients should have. So I broke down my reasoning to four points. And without further ado, here are my…

Thoughts on how to pick a photographer:

1. Budget. Yes, professional photos are a bit costly. However, that doesn’t mean you should sell your first-born for photos (and then you wouldn’t have them for family photos). There are a ton of photographers out there, do adequate research and pick one that fits into your price range (and make sure you check what the session includes as often you will be buying prints separately). And please, oh please, make sure you think about how you can use those photos around your house (and as gifts for family)! I promise you, I smile every time I walk past my canvas gallery wall of family photos!

2. Style. Each photographer is an artist, which means they see things differently. Isn’t that the beauty of art? Knowing this, observe how the artist catches light, the ‘crispness’ of photos and their editing preferences. Personally, I prefer vivid color, but others may edit with softer colors or softer edges. And that is perfectly fine, but pick the one that aligns with your preferences.

3. Mesh. And not the material kind, but how do you interact with the photographer? Does he/she make you feel comfortable. Often times insecurities pop up when you are staring at a lens, so you want to work with someone who makes you feel at ease, like talking and working with a friend. You also want to make sure they have excellent customer service!

4. Legit. All professional photographers should have insurance and be a legitimate business. A contract may seem scary and binding, but it protects you and your photographer. You want to work with someone who understands posing, composition and light! Your photos will reflect their expertise.

Now if you specifically want me to share names of friends who have snapped a photo or two of me, here they are. I love promoting other great friends in the field. Most recently I have worked with W Photo and Design (who took the photo above and our wedding photos), but in the past I have also enjoyed the time spent with Jenny Gravatt Photography and Design and Katie Webb Photography. We have also really loved some SMB Photography and Lisa Hessel Photography.

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