Ascension Day {Event}

The concept of a church family is a beautiful thing. People of different races, backgrounds, and socio-economic status coming together with the same purpose – to worship. This month Ascension Lutheran Church decided to show the community what their corporate worship actually looked like. They celebrated Ascension Day (39 days after Easter Sunday) outside on their front lawn.
Ascension Day -1
One thing that I love about this church is that they have a large number of Nepalese members. Many of the members just went through confirmation classes and desired to go through baptism as well. As is their custom in Nepal, they requested immersion baptism, which is not the typical way Ascension Lutheran Church baptizes, however Pastor Clark embraced this request and performed his first immersion baptisms on about 12 Nepalese believers.
Ascension Day -19
Ascension Day -2
As someone who holds their faith close to their heart, there may have been a few tears as I saw my brothers and sisters making a beautiful proclamation that they are made new!
The service ended as any true service should end (please take note Pastor Clark-we could really incorporate this practice into our Sunday Worship) with Ted Drewes Frozen Custard!
Ascension Day -22
If you are ever in the South City area on Saturday night or Sunday, stop on by as you will be greeted by some of the sweetest people ever.
Ascension Day -51