Buggy {Maternity}

You know those people that after you spent any amount of time with them you feel like a much better person? Those people where honesty, hospitality and kindness ooze out of every word? Well then you have met people much like Heather and Cory.
Buggy Maternity -1
When J and I were engaged and looking for a hairstylist for our wedding, he remembered that he went to high school with a girl named Heather. So he reached out to see if she was interested and we booked a trial run. A few years and many double dates with Heather and Cory later, we found out they were expecting! Heather and Cory have a beautiful love story of redemption and will be the most impeccable parents! I mean how cool is it that before Traeger is even born, they already have a holster and slingshot ready to go for him!
Buggy Maternity -15
Not only is their love the real deal, but they also enjoy a good surprise. In fact, our maternity session was a huge rouse to get Cory out to their surprise couple baby shower. However, we didn’t even know that we were the rouse until they got there! We are so excited to see these two raise a great little man!
Buggy Maternity -8