GirlTrek – St. Louis Mamathon {Event}

There is no stronger force than a beautiful band of women, especially when they are generations strong. GirlTrek (3-year-old national nonprofit that mobilizes women to live their healthiest, most fulfilled lives through a habit of daily walking) contacted me to document a part of their Mamathon- an event to dedicate miles for the members mothers. The month would culminate with a photoshoot in which the members across the nation could get a photo with the woman who motivated their lives- their mothers.

When I was asked where would be the best place in St. Louis to host this session, all I could think about was Forest Park. It has beautiful areas to walk and there are many iconic places for a session – as I wanted STL to be represented well!

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2015 . GirlTrek St. Louis . blog-6
Some of these women brought their mothers along.
2015 . GirlTrek St. Louis . blog-26
Others have a different story. Some of these brave women walk in honor of their mothers. This lovely lady’s mother suffered a stroke and couldn’t make it in person, so lovingly she brought a photo of her!
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After spending a few hours with these fierce women, I learned two things- they are so encouraging and know how to have a great time!
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