Summer to do List {Personal}

Call me a bit Type-A but this little lady loves a good list. Oh you know- that deep satisfaction of crossing off one of the tasks that you want (or need –  hello, stack of dirty dishes) to accomplish. I already know that the summer is jammed pack with beautiful brides, incredible families, and new babes to photograph, but there are still some fun personal adventures to be had!

Summer to do List

  • Go to a Twilight Tuesday : A free outdoor concert at the Missouri History Museum AND food trucks- yes please!
  • See fireworks on the 4th : J and I have a few traditions that we are pretty set on, and one of them is seeing fireworks on a bridge. We have done this since we started dating over 3 years ago! This year we have a wedding on that date, so we might need to get a bit creative.
  • Get drinks at The Moonrise Hotel : Just because this place is awesome and home to the Eclipse Restaurant . This lovely place has a rooftop terrace and I can just imagine a relaxing evening with friends there!
  • Visit a new state : I have a huge travel bug and love new places! Be on the look out for where we end up!
  • Go to a Farmers Market : I want the whole experience- waking up early on a Saturday, grabbing coffee and then heading to the market to find the freshest veggies, fruits and flowers. I was thinking Soulard Farmers Market, but am open to new suggestions.
  • Japanese Lantern Festival : Missouri Botanical Gardens puts up a beautiful display. I originally saw this display 3 years ago and am stoked that they brought it back. Sounds like a great date night… hint hint.
  • Visit extended family : Almost all of my family lives in Michigan and so I am excited to do a Tour de Mitten around the great state to spend time with family with J.
  • Food Truck Friday : I have yet to attempt this phenomenon located in Tower Grove Park. I know, I know it is a must-do and I plan to get it crossed off this summer!
  • Chill poolside/boatside : There is nothing that I crave more than being near water when St. Louis turns into a hot mess. So folks with pools or boats- let me be your friend. I’m a great guest that always comes with refreshments!
  • Find the best restaurant patios in STL : This is a major summer goal. A co-worker of mine – ahem Anna – shared with me the world of this things called patios. And now I want to try them all!

Help me in this list. If you have any suggestions, desire to join me in one of these adventures, or (hey-o) a pool that you want to share with me, please let me know in the comment section!