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A family that makes pasta together stays together, or so that’s how I would image a old Italian proverb would go. Whether it is once in a while or on Sunday dinners, the Gagliano Family comes together to laugh, drink and cook.

Casey contacted me months ago for a surprise family session for her parents, however the weather was just not on our side on the first planned date. On the second scheduled date when we saw that there was a possibility of rain, she suggested a cooking lifestyle session if it did get rained out. Well the weather was beautiful, but I was so pumped at her suggestion – we just did both. And I am so glad we did!
2015 . Gagliano Family -1
There is an incredible finesse when making pasta. It takes time, patience and love. Much like the ingredients to make a family work.
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And cooking is always made better with a bit of wine!
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Gagliano Family – thank you for being open to a lifestyle session!

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