The Gagliano {Family} Part 2

Casey contacted me months ago asking for help to give her parents a wonderful anniversary present. I’m a sucker for a thoughtful gift and was so excited that she wanted to surprise her parents with new family photos. After a few rainy rescheduling situations we finally were able to get together. Our time together started with a beautiful lifestyle session filled with pasta and laughs and quickly moved into their gorgeous backyard.
2015 . Gagliano Family -114
Isn’t their backyard lovely?
2015 . Gagliano Family -118
One of the key parts to this session was to include the family pet, Bruno. This dapper dog was perfectly behaved and super easy going!
2015 . Gagliano Family -111
It is obvious when the love of a man and woman trickles down to the sweet love of a family.
2015 . Gagliano Family -80
Now those are some genuine sweet smiles. So much strength and beauty wrapped up in one photo!
2015 . Gagliano Family -94
Thank you Casey for thinking about us when surprising your wonderful family! We must get together for coffee sometime to reminisce about times at band competitions and concerts. That’s right friends one random fact about me is that I was a band nerd- and a proud one!