Dear Dad {Personal}

Daddyeo and I . necklace . W design
(Photo credit : W Photo and Design)

Dear Dad (or more affectionately, Daddyeo),

A father is the one who teaches the basics to sports and how to push through when the basketball breaks a nail. They are the ones to dry tears when her heart gets broken. The one who teaches their nervous teenager how to drive.  The one who gasps when their little girl steps down the stairs in her prom dress.

I’m so sorry you never got those opportunities. You see, I thought that the divorce effected just my childhood, and I was the only one that was “screwed-over” from those moments. And I guess, until now I had a very selfish view on the situation. In fact those moments and opportunities were taken from YOU too!

Let me assure you, however, you taught me much more important lessons that I may not have received if the big D word had not happened.

These are the lessons you taught me:

  • To love unconditionally. No matter who has hurt you, do not stop loving.
  • To fail. No matter what, you have friends and family to pick your sorry butt up and encourage you to try it again.
  • To host. No matter the day, always have the basic items to throw a party!
  • To give. No matter the situation, offer what you have as you may not realize the impact that small gift will have.
  • To try new things. No matter what, seize the day!

These lessons will help me through life. They will make me a better person. They will be instilled in me and I will pass them along to your grandchildren.

Thank you for your unconditional love, encouragement, generosity and passion for life!

Happy Fathers Day.