Sugg 50th Anniversary {Event}

“I remember” Lucy said, “that in this very church 50 years ago.”
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“The windows were open on our wedding day. And the neighborhood kids were very curious about what was going on in the church. They lifted a little girl up to peer in the windows and then left her hanging there. All of a sudden we heard a little voice yelling help! Well we stopped the wedding to figure out what was going on.”
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All while she reminisced she smiled at how much the church and the community meant to her. It was evident at the anniversary party that Lucy and Clark have made a huge impact in their community and church. Not only do these two talk about loving others, their actions speak louder.
Friends, family members and the community all shared beautiful memories that they could recall about Lucy and Clark.
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A person once told me that marriage is far better if you don’t take yourself too seriously. Laughter has to be a part of your relationship as it makes hard times easier and great times more memorable. And that same person must have told that to Lucy and Clark too! When they went to cut their cake they purposely cut out their face from the photo on the cake and fed each other!
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Before we left, I asked Lucy what advice she could share to make a marriage last 50 years. She responded, “Don’t keep a list of wrongs. He will make many mistakes, but I encourage you to focus on the things he does right. Forgive each other and love no matter what.”

Thank you Lucy and Clark for being an example to those around you, both in how you love each other and your community!