The Hanner {family} . Tower Grove Park

Giggles, guitars and good coffee is the perfect way to start a Sunday, and spending time with The Hanner Family was a cherry on top!
If you are looking for a casual kid friendly neighborhood coffee shop, then Hartford Coffee Company is your place. They rocked out a caramel latte that put all other lattes to shame.
The Hanner Family -4
The Hanner Family -6
We then headed over to Tower Grove Park, because of the incessant rain that we had over the past few weeks the ground was drenched, however you would have never known because it didn’t even phase this family. They were so excited just to spend some family time in a beautiful park.
Oh and check out that manly coordination! A fade + plaid + vest = perfection!
The Hanner Family -56
The Hanner Family -61
The Hanner Family -114
The two little ones were full of smiles and if you ever want to learn more about villains ask Logan! Oh and Logan, I took the villains quiz and I got Magneto! Next time we meet up you will have to tell me all about him.
The Hanner Family -122
Luke and Jackie are seriously the best parents they just light up when surrounded by their kids!
The Hanner Family -52