Frank {Maternity} . Lafayette Park

I’m not sure there is any other family that I adore more than this one. I’ve learned so many lessons from these guys, everything from loving even when it is hard to where the best crab ragoon is in the city. Laura and Peter are incredible examples of how to be excellent parents, and good thing, because they are about to add one more! The sweet little lady will be here this August and I can’t wait to treat her to all the tea parties and pedicures she can handle.
Frank Maternity -109
Frank Maternity -120
That little man melts my heart!
Frank Maternity -97
I hope that one day I will look at incredibly beautiful as this Laura does pregnant! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is one of the most patient people I have ever met.
Frank Maternity -43
I can honestly say that the best photos are the ones not scripted. These two love to laugh!
Frank Maternity -49
I mentioned before that Laura and Peter are excellent parents. Peter is the first one to crawl on all fours (and I’m sure his 6 foot stature does not make that easy) to entertain his son. Laura is constantly adding education into everyday life. As we walked through the park you could hear her saying to her two-year old “now, which way should we turn, left or right?” And if a two-year old can figure out their left from right, perhaps they could help me out!
Frank Maternity -75
Thank you Frank Family for being incredible parents and we are SO excited for Little Lady Frank!
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