Livia {1 Year} . Forest Park

Livia . Year 1 -60

This little lady has been one of our favorites even before she was born! It has been such a joy to capture Vivian’s baby shower, Livia around 3 months, 6 months and then now she is a whole year old! And Livia’s smile still melts us even a year later.
Livia . Year 1 -41
Every time, literally every-single-time, I have seen this little girl she is alert and smiling. I’ve never seen a girl with so much joy! And come on, add a tutu to that smiling girl and it is just perfect.
Livia . Year 1 -74
Livia has a personality of her own and adds a dash of independence while walking in Forest Park with mom and dad. We were lucky and picked a gorgeous Sunday morning with beautiful foliage around both the Visitor Center and the Jewel Box.
Livia . Year 1 -20
What did I say about melting? Yup that sweet little face does it again.
Livia . Year 1 -59