The Kenney’s {Maternity} . Lafayette Park

Kenney Maternity -111
The word gorgeous would be an understatement for this little momma-to-be! I get the honor to work beside her most days and Anna has become one of my closest friends. She and her dear husband Andrew are about to be first-time parents, and boy are they going to be amazing.
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They love the look and feel of the Lafayette area. Oh you know the gorgeous architecture, and if I’m not misspoken I believe Andrew loves a little ice cream place close to the park.
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Anna works beside me in my day job and she brings laughter and brightness to our office and also to our friendship. I have not doubt that their little man will be loved. I imagine their little family shopping in farmers markets and making their favorite stop at the local Starbucks.
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Anna and Andrew met at Butler University and they made sure that they incorporated a bit of their Alma Mater in the session.
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Anna, dear, you are gorgeous on the outside (I mean who looks that ah-mazing at 7 months!), but I appreciate even more your sweet friendship over the past few years. You are going to be the best Mom!