5 Tips to Prepare your Pet for a Photo Session {Photo Tips}


Our fuzzy friends are some of our favorite clients and we always encouraging bringing all parts of the family to your session. Your dog, cat, or horse brings out your best smile and are a huge part of your life- so bring them along.

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If you are thinking about bringing a pet, here are a few things to consider.

  1. Location. Does your pet do well in a busy or quiet atmosphere? Are they easily distracted by others? Then we need to pick a location that is conducive to your pet. A stressed or anxious pet is not a happy pet.
  2. Designate a Handler. While we love that your pet will be in some of your photos, we encourage you not to have them in all of your photos. They typically have a shorter attention span and will want to go and play and not sit and behave for the who session. So bring along a friend, coworker, or family member that will be on pet duty as you finish your session.
  3. Pre-shoot Exercise and Be Stress Free. A tired pet is a happy and photogenic pet. They want to sit, rest and adore your love. And the more you feel stressed about the shoot and their behavior the more they will also be stressed. We are all about making everyone – including your pet- comfortable.
  4. Anticipate the Natural. Animals jump, run and dare I say poop. Make sure you anticipate these natural situations. This means bringing towels to clean paws and slobbery mouths.
  5. The Fun Stuff. Please bring necessary items to entertain, nourish, and contain your pet. This could include: appropriate leashes, toys, treats, water etc. Sometimes pets need to know they are being amazing and a well-timed treat is always nice in a session. We also encourage an adorable bowtie or pretty leash to make your pup feel a bit festive.

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