Katherine {Portrait} Ballerina

I came in with zero expectations. All I wanted was to capture grace and beauty. And this photo session exceeded my desires exponentially.

Meet Katherine.
Katherine Mattson -103
I have had the opportunity to photograph Katherine and her brother in the past, but when her mother requested separate sessions for each child I was happy to oblige.

Katherine has had many years of dance, but in the past four years or so has taken on ballet.
Katherine Mattson -67
Katherine Mattson -196
I told Katherine that I was just going to let her move into different positions. All she had to do was move slowly and gracefully. And that she did!
Katherine Mattson -292
Katherine Mattson -270
Finally, Katherine wanted to try some contemporary poses. I figured that it would be composed of some ‘newer’ moves. But instead I got this:
Katherine Mattson -243
I’ll let you stare a bit longer…
Even being there while she was getting into the pose, I still struggle with understanding how the pose worked.

But I believe that is what is beautiful about art. You never know what to expect and it can leave you speechless.

Katherine Mattson -239
Katherine, your beauty, grace and love for life is inspiring to all. At 13, the world is completely open to you. Keep on following your dreams!

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