10 Best Gifts for Photographers

Best Photographer Gifts

  1. Anything from Click and Blossom! I particularly love this and this.
  2. Gift cards to new/cool coffee shops. It’s true, sometimes we need to get out of our homes when we edit and it is incredible how a trendy coffee shop can amp up the creativity!
  3. Camera Cuff Links. For all of the incredible male photographers out there, here is a little nod to your passion when you get gussied up.
  4. Magnetic Polaroid Frame. We are always taking photos, so why not get a frame that can be change often and is a bit vintage.
  5. Camera Cookie Cutters. Cookies and cameras are both on my top ten list of loves and when they combine. Magnifique!
  6. Fingerless Gloves. Nobody likes to have cold fingers, but when you eyes and your fingers are your money makers, then help us keep them warm! This pair looked like they would last a while.
  7. Gaffers Tape. We are constantly tacking props down, making sure that wires aren’t trip hazards and securing our equipment. While it is not a sexy gift, it is most definitely practical.
  8. Tripod Multi-tool. This gift would fit a variety of people! With the phenomenon of selfies, I could see this little gift being given to any type of outdoor enthusiasts. However, I can recall many of a times when this little gadget would have been handy!
  9. Awesome Coffee Mug. Let me tell you in October and November photographers are only living by the sake of caffeine. We are coffee’s #1 fan. This mug is one of my favorites.
  10. Classy Hair Tie. Typically half way through a wedding or photo session my lovely locks go quickly into a sturdy bun. However, no one looks cute with a hair tie attached to their wrist. Enter this fabulous invention. Cute, classy, and convenient.









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