Break {Personal}

Tower Grove . March 010

There are times in a persons life in which you need a break and I hit my breaking point this past November/December.

Ecclesiastes comes to mind and I have learned that it is acceptable to have “seasons.” I needed time to recharge, and essentially figure out who I am. Other personal aspects of my life had been so inconsistent and I needed a constant. I needed a Creator. I needed a Father.

So I took a break.

This break may not have been obvious to all people, but it showed desperately in my blogging. And I thank you for your grace and patience. I needed that grace.

Because of that grace, I come to you recharged and excited to share past blog posts that never happened from the months of October-May. And I hope you also like the new look of the website. We might be doing a few more tweaks over the next few weeks, so be on the look out!

6 thoughts on “Break {Personal}

  1. ShawBlog says:

    Oh, I fully understand… And there are days my Hubby will have me take breaks or take the weekend off. And when I return I am thankful for that break. <3 Thank you for sharing this. <3

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