Jeff + Julie {Married} . Bluffs on Broadway

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If I had four words to describe the wedding of Julie and Jeff it would be these : uniquely gorgeous family affair.

When we first met Jeff and Julie they kept on going on and on about the beautiful location where their wedding would take place. We couldn’t stop their excitement when they described The Bluff on Broadway, the loved the breathtaking view of the Mississippi River and the handpicked pieces of art. So we knew we were in for a treat when we arrived at the location.

Julie was tucked away and got ready with her beautiful daughters.
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One of the great things about weddings is that you get to meet a ton of great officiants. We love when the have an action plan, and this one knew exactly what she wanted. So much so, that she requires all of her grooms to keep their back to the bride until she is right behind them. We loved the reactions we captured.

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Julie and Jeff chose to have their children and grandchildren as their wedding party. Which was simply beautiful and showed their deep desire to keep family close to their hearts.
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Julie and Jeff wrote their own vows and I’m fairly certain there was not a dry eye after they shared their deep admiration for one another.
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The reception was at the same location, which was transitioned quickly to an exquisite dinner upstairs. Followed shortly by a quick cake cutting and first dance. Then the guests could dance, mingle and stare out at the beautiful view.
Valle Ottarson Wedding -294Valle Ottarson Wedding -311 Congratulations Julie and Jeff!
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