Elizabeth + Andrew {Engaged} . Forest Park

2015 . Elizabeth and Andrew {Engaged} -79

Love. Pure, unapologetic love.

There are few instances when you know that through all of the hard times a couple might go through, the one thing that will not fade is their deep love for one another. Elizabeth and Andrew are prime examples of this type of love.
2015 . Elizabeth and Andrew {Engaged} -44
The whole time while photographing these two I would describe a pose, but it never worked well until I said, “now just enjoy each others embrace.” Then immediately their shoulders relaxed and they fit perfectly in each others arms.
2015 . Elizabeth and Andrew {Engaged} -13

2015 . Elizabeth and Andrew {Engaged} -134
See what I mean? These two fit each other perfectly. Where one might be weak the other is strong. Isn’t that what marriage is all about?
2015 . Elizabeth and Andrew {Engaged} -54
I can’t wait to photograph their wedding a few weeks!
2015 . Elizabeth and Andrew {Engaged} -73


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