The Bushor {Family} . Tower Grove Park

2015 . Bushor Family -76

These two. I mean, just look at the sweetness.

My sister is 16 months apart in age to me, and I loved growing up with a little sister shadow.  Mind you, she wasn’t nearly as quiet as a shadow and found all of the trouble to get into, but she is my person. She gets the inside jokes and even if we don’t speak for a while, time has hardly past when we see each other again.

I imagine that these girls will feel the same way.
2015 . Bushor Family -13
Not only were we able to capture beautiful family photos, but we also were able to grab a few 1 year photos!
2015 . Bushor Family -45 2015 . Bushor Family -69
That smile melt us many times over the course of the session.
2015 . Bushor Family -95 2015 . Bushor Family -91
Thank you Bushor family for sharing your time and sweet sister smiles with us.
2015 . Bushor Family -6

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