How To Handle a Rainy or Snowy Family Session {Tips}

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1. Be willing to be adventurous! Yes, this change of plans may through everything in a tizzy, but it can also be beautiful. Rain equals a ton of fun accessories – galoshes, umbrellas, rain coats. Children are adorable when they are splashing in puddles, and how much better to catch their fun personality! Snow is simply beautiful. The air is full of quiet excitement that is shown perfectly in photography.

2. Be prepared. With inclement weather you need more items (and so do we- as we protect our equipment) and those items might take a while to get together. And if you have already planned outfits for the family, it might be hard to find gear that coordinates. However, these items are necessary to make the session a success! And not only are they necessary, they are cute.

3. Be open to adjusting location. Yes, that local adorable park would be perfect for a slightly overcast day. However, we may have to adjust a bit. We still might be able to go to that park for fun rain puddle moments and umbrella cuddles. But why not start at your favorite coffee shop first? We can get some nice dry shots and you get some caffeine. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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If after reading these tips you are still not convinced that it will work for your family, let me know. I want you to have the best family session, and will do my best to find a reshoot date. No matter what, your family photos are reflective of your family at this time, and a little rain/snow/wind won’t change that.

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